Details, details

Dear faithful readers:

Here’s what’s happening.

1. We had the biggest windstorm since the Inauguration Storm of ’93. A million homes were without power, including ours (of course). I’ve lived on this island for 6 months and we’ve lost power at least six times. Anyway. Losing power at my parent’s house is no big deal. We lose power in style. We live the life of luxury without electricity. We’ve got a gas fireplace, a gas stove, and plenty o’ lanterns. We went about 24 hours without electricity. I got a lot of reading, embroidery, and eating done.

2. We got the house. The teeny tiny cabin in the woods. It’s ours on December 30th. Now who’s going to help me move?

I imagine that I’ll be sparse around these parts for the next few weeks. We’ll be off to the in-laws house for the days surrounding Christmas, then moving, and then off to some more in-laws for the famous drunken New Year’s bash. (Can’t WAIT for that one.) And then, even worse–I will be without internet at my new teeny tiny cabin in the woods for an unknown amount of time. I’m hoping a month at most. I’m so poor I can taste the top ramen that we’ll be eating for the entire month of January. Ah, there’s nothing like being destitute to ring in the new year.

But really, I actually am quite happy.



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