PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO HERE . Make sure to turn your speakers on!

In the United States, 30% of babies are born by cesarean. In 1970, the cesarean rate was a stable 5%. The World Health Organization advises that a cesarean rate higher than 10-15% is dangerous to women and babies. This means that OVER HALF of all cesareans performed in this country are UNECESSARY. To add insult to injury, hospitals around the country are banning a woman’s right to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) even though it has been proven to be SAFER than repeat c-section.

Additionally, 50% of women suffer complications from their cesarean and are 2-4 times likely to die than a woman giving birth vaginally.

Nearly half a million women every year are undergoing surgery to birth their babies. These surgeries aren’t saving lives. They are robbing women of the birth experiences they deserve, and making their obstetricians wealthy.

For more information, and to help support c-section awareneness and VBAC activism, please visit www.ican-online.org.


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