A typical morning

Last night at my Childbirth Education classes, the instructor mentioned something about how nearly every other culture besides ours adopts squatting stances. American’s don’t squat, we sit. We’ve lost the ability/muscles to squat for long periods of time, which is one way in which we lose during childbirth. Squatting opens up the pelvis and allows more room for baby to come through. Anyway, she mentioned that if you observe small children, they are constantly squatting. They squat until we teach them not to, by giving them a chair to sit in. This tickled me, because my little Animal squats all day long. Here is this morning’s example:

1 Response to “A typical morning”

  1. 1 simplegirl33 February 13, 2007 at 5:16 am

    What a sweetie! I learned the same thing during the classes I took when I was pregnant with my second. And you know? I didn’t end up trying it while in labor or during pushing. Kinda left my mind. But it all ended well regardless. I wish you well with this birth!

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