Hotboxing a minivan

Hello readers! My vacation is coming to a sad, sad close. However, I might just have had all the fun that I can handle.

Yesterday Jewel and I went to Island of Adventure at Universal. We probably walked about 10 miles and for 2 of those miles we were soaking wet from a water ride. It was also about 50 degrees yesterday with crazy wind gusts. At one point I couldn’t feel my legs and was pretty sure I was going to collapse. It all started when we made fun of a little girl who had just come off said water ride, and she totally looked like she had peed her pants. We jumped right on the ride soon thereafter. Everyone on our raft had on ponchos and were shoeless. Here we were in sweatshirts and tennis shoes and long pants. As karma would have it, we were the only ones in the raft that got soaked.

Also, I was thinking that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to smoke a big fat bowl and then go on the 3-D Spiderman ride. It will most likely be really weird and make you nauseous. Then again, the Dueling Dragons rollercoaster on the “Ice” coaster in the very front row will do quite nicely when you’re stoned out of your mind. Not that I would know. Just speculating.

Early tomorrow I’ll be on a plane headed home. I’ll catch up on my blogging then.



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