The fronts

This morning I took Kai to one of the FIVE (yes FIVE!) off-leash dog parks on the island. The one we have been going to is really cool. It has 5 acres of fenced meadow, and then 11 acres of wooded trails. It’s such a cool park. They provide dog toys, pooper scoopers, poop baggies, shovels, and gallons and gallons of water for the canines. So far, we’ve stayed in the fenced meadow. She’s always been really skittish around other dogs, so we’re working on socialization. Today, I was able to take her off the leash right away and she played nicely and ran around with the other doggies. Unfortunately, I woke up to another pee pile from her this morning. So I guess we’re still trying to work out the kinks.

On the home front, we’ve somehow acquired a nice case of ant infestation. Luckily they are the teeny tiny ants, but they’ve been infiltrating the house in droves. We bought some ant bait, which was complicated to place considering we have a dog AND a curious toddler who could easily be poisoned. I can’t wait until these fuckers die. I was watching a movie last night, felt an itch, and found an ant in my cleavage. Sicko.

On the mom front, I had my first meeting with Pigpen’s teacher today. She was super nice. She said that Pigpen was very smart and popular with the other kids. She says he’s working at grade level, but she’s afraid that his problems with focus/distraction will cause him to start having learning gaps and he will start to fall behind. He is practically incapable of working independently and needs constant reminders to stay on task. Not to mention the daywetting issues. She seemed really willing to cooperate with me to help Pipgen succeed in school. I have an appointment with a pediatrician in a few weeks and I’ll know more then about an official ADD diagnosis.

Animal is teething and so I’m working on very little sleep, with a cranky toddler screaming bloody murder 24/7. He actually has full bite marks up and down his arms. At least he’s not biting ME.

On the professional front, my birth doula workshop starts on FRIDAY!!! I can’t believe it’s here already. I’m unbelievably excited.

Sorry I couldn’t be more interesting today. I’m trying, I really am. Spring is on its way and it’s not my best season. I am now definitely contemplating a trip to the dreaded physician for a bottle of very un-granola happy pills.


7 Responses to “The fronts”

  1. 1 ladyareto February 27, 2007 at 3:54 am

    come to breitenbush with me!!!! it’ll cure u of the happy-pill craving:P i’m going thurs Mar 22 for a week.

  2. 2 Jewel February 27, 2007 at 4:37 am

    You sound like you have been busy. I am glad that your meeting with the teach went well. It is cool that you got someone willing to help (you could have had a Mrs. Mong)

    I am going to get me taxes done in the morning. I will call and tell you when I get my plane ticket. I cant wait to see you even tho you jsut left. LOL!!!


  3. 3 mrshavisham February 27, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    Dude I am not going naked in a hot spring with strangers. I haven’t had enough time to digest and bury my Evangelical background. Naked=bad!

  4. 4 ladyareto February 27, 2007 at 4:22 pm

    oh my goodness…it is so liberating. you can’t even imagine. but i understand. come visit me anyway. we’ll ease into breitenbush;)

  5. 5 Louisa February 27, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    Hey, sounds like Kai needs a crate?
    It may be that he/she? was crate-trained before and can’t figure out that s/he doesn’t pee on the floor at night?
    Most dogs will not pee in their crate (equivalent of soiling their den). I have a 13 wk old puppy and the only times he doesn’t pee/poop on the floor is when he’s in his crate.
    I say, crate train.
    XX L

  6. 6 Veronica February 27, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    OMG, you will have a WONDERFUL time at your doula workshop. It’s the most amazing thing being around other women as passionate about birth as you are! I’m not sure which organization you’re certifying through, but I’m sure it will be AWESOME and I promise life-changing.
    I had the best time at mine and still keep in touch with the women I met…

  7. 7 domestic_slackstress February 27, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    Hey there. Long time lurk, no comment. So finally, I’m gonna squawk. I really, really need to get a dog for security reasons. Living in the L.A. hood ain’t no cake walk, fo sho. Wow. I’m such a wanna be mom-gangster. I have problems. Actually, in addition to getting a mean looking, robber-scaring mangy mutt to guard my digs, I’d also like one so I can go to cool dog parks.

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