An award! Yeah!

Thanks to the lovely Magdalena, I have been given the “Thinking Blogger Award.”

It was a pretty good time to get this little tasty treat, considering the fact that my depression has sucked me dry of every bit of inspiration and has left me with a severe case of Writer’s Block.

My job in receiving this award is to pass it along to 5 more blogging peeps. This is a little difficult for me, because my top 3 have already been named. (Magdalena’s blog and also Peggy’s and Thordora’s.)

There are only about 10 or so blogs on my Favorite’s list now. So I’m sorry, original award-giver. I only have two more to add to the mix.

1. Walk Slowly, Live Wildly Sara doesn’t write often, but when she does, it’s fantastic. She is the epitome of natural motherhood and has opened up my eyes to so much. Another cool thing about Sara is that she is a devoted Christian. With dreads.

2. 8cm Deluded For all you moms out there, this one is great. The Domestic Slackstress is an ex-newspaper reporter/internet news producer/magazine writer who now stays home with the 3 kids she birthed nearly back-to-back. She is fucking hilarious. Hilarious I say.


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