Fully trained. Kind of.

Well folks, it’s over. I have finally completed the last bit of training and the only thing that stands between me and certification is the actual work. My clients are 37 weeks and 35 weeks respectively. It won’t be long now.

The 4 day workshop definitely gave me some confidence. I wasn’t sure if I would gain anything from the experience, since my birth-junkiness has caused me to devour just about every bit of information out there, and has pushed me into picking the brains of every birth professional I have ever encountered. But I have been trained well. I doubt that I would have received this quality of training anywhere else in the U.S. My instructors are well known…nationally, even internationally. I am so lucky.

I spent the last few hours of class on my hands and knees, panting and blowing and moaning and grunting and birthing my imaginary baby. I spent it stroking and reassuring and positioning and adding counterpressure to my fellow students during their imaginary labors. I looked at the room, full of groups of three. All of us panting and blowing and yelling and rocking and swaying. I laughed. I had to, it came naturally. And then I thought of Louisa, student midwife at the very same school. Giving her fellow classmate a vaginal exam, a pap smear. This is how we learn. And learn I did. It was amazing.

3 Responses to “Fully trained. Kind of.”

  1. 1 Steve March 11, 2007 at 10:25 pm


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    It’s really amazing to read this description of this article. Thank you so much for your help and for your efforts.


  2. 3 Heather March 14, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    So you’re midwifing, or doula-ing? Sorry, I haven’t been reading so long 😀 I’m doula-ing and it’s my baby step to see if I can hack it and go on to midwifing.

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