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Christmas #1

This morning at 7AM, we had our first Christmas with one half of the fam. Here are my fave gifts:

Piece by a local artist that I have been lusting after for months:

Coffee cup from the local espresso stand. (I am TOTALLY a genuine islander now.)

Bath & Body Works warm vanilla sugar body wash. *Orgasm*

PURPLE monogrammed stationary. (The “R” doesn’t give away my true identity, does it?)

Oh yeah, and here’s a cool picture of my brother:

I’ll be gone for Christmas #2, so I’ll see ya’ll back here on the 26th!!! Happy Holidays!


The Snow

So yesterday it snowed. I know that for some, this is an everyday winter occurrence. For us, it’s not. We are lucky to get snow, and even luckier if it sticks. It’s unheard of to be able to actually have enough snow to really play in.

The Pinewood Derby

Tonight is the official weigh-in for the Pinewood Derby that my boys are racing in this Saturday. The cars are finished. All they need is a little graphite to make those wheels spin. Pigpen’s car is slim and tiny, with a blue base coat with multi color flames. It also has a shitload of lead embedded into the front to make it nice and heavy. The best part is a kickass spoiler on the back that apparently is destined to make his car NOT aerodynamic, but oh well. It looks cool.

Einstein has a shiny black racecar with red and white stripes and a huge question mark on the top. I asked him what the question mark was all about and he said “It’s the mystery mobile.” I told him it couldn’t be the Mystery Mobile. That idea was already taken by the Scooby Doo gang. His car has a really funny shape to it too, but the men in the family say that it’s design gives it potential for serious speed. Not bad for a 6 year old and an 8 year old, eh?

We’re all pumpkins

Last night was Halloween, the third most exciting day of the year for my children. (Christmas Day wins First Place, with their respective birthdays trailing along in a close Second.)

I’m not really sure why they seem to like Halloween so much, considering that most of the holiday is spent complaining about what a mean and unfair mother I am.

For one, I only allow them to eat 2 pieces of candy on Halloween, and 2 pieces each day thereafter. Yes, I am kind of a freak about nutrition, but for the most part, I have a more important reason behind my candy-nazi ways. Remember how your parents used to tell you that if you ate too many sweets, you’d throw up? I have that kid. The throw up kid. He’s also known as Gutter Gut and Garbage Disposal. And he will literally eat and eat until he pukes. Usually in his bed while he’s asleep. In fact, I just got done picking puke chunks out of my dryer’s lint trap from the after effects of Animal’s birthday cake.

Secondly, I don’t allow any super scary costumes. I’ve discovered that for little boys, this is one of the Meanest Mom tricks in the book. They never stop complaining about it and I never stop explaining myself. I don’t think it’s cute, impressive, fun, or appropriate for children to be portraying themselves as violent or murderous. When I see an 8 year old walking around with fake blood about their mouth and a hole in the back of their head, or a demonic mask straight from the bowels of Hell, I really have to wonder. I don’t mean to go all Evangelical Christian here, but folks, there is something very wrong with a culture that has found it completely acceptable to dress children up as sick and twisted characters. So anyway, as usual, my boys pushed the envelope as far as they could. Tristan was a ninja, for about the 4th year in a row. (Ninjas have weapons but they only use them in self defense, competitions and artistic displays, right?) Aidan dressed up as an alien, and somehow managed to get me to buy him a battle axe, which he promised he was just using as “a walking stick.” And Rylan, sweet Rylan. I still have my claws in him. He was a lobster. We took him around to a few houses to trick-or-treat and it was so funny watching his face as someone opened the door and plopped candy into his bucket. A couple of times, he tried to walk right in the front door. (Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do after you ring someone’s doorbell and they open up?)

Afterwards, we went to a “festival” they were having at my parent’s church. The boys got to play all those cute little carnival games like the bean bag toss, bowling, and the game with the fishing poles. It was all very Polyanna. They lured the kids in with raffle tickets for big toy prizes and at the very end of the night, they instructed us to all sit down so they could call the winning numbers. Oh, but not without a little Bible lesson squeezed in to the night’s festivities! A man at the front showed us a lovely little pumpkin “so smooth and round and pretty”, and then cut it open and showed the “ugly, yucky, dirty stuff inside”. Just like us! It was bad. I had to walk away for awhile. When I came back, he was still droning on, and at least fifty 3 year olds were running around the place, screaming, on an obvious sugar high from all the candy that had been passed out. The man was really flustered. I had to smile.

The annual carving of the pumpkins

This last Sunday, the kids carved their pumpkins for Halloween.

Animal was really curious about what his big bubbies were doing.

We let him get his hands into the pumpkin.

And he tried out his first bite of raw pumpkin goodness.

Here are the end products. Pretty good, huh?