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One more doggy sidenote

From now on, if anyone tells me that they won’t cloth diaper because “it’s gross”, but they regularly pick up their dog’s poop, I will no longer tolerate that excuse. This morning I planned ahead and before our walk I stuffed a plastic bag in my pocket. Not 5 minutes into the walk and she pooped a big one. I’ve never done anything so disgusting in my life. The rest of the walk was spent with a poop filled plastic bag knocking against my thigh.


My doggy

Here are some new pics of my doggy. I discovered that she’s EXTREMELY camera shy, so taking these pictures took a long long time and every time the camera flashed and she winced, I felt like maybe she thought it was stealing her soul or something. You people better be grateful.

So I have officially become one of those Dog People who eat, sleep and breathe Dog. I am going to forgive all you veteran Dog People now for constantly talking about your dog, telling me that your dog is your baby and then trying to convince me that taking care of your dog is like taking care of a child. I’m also going to forgive you for the fucking dog hair that is all over your couch and on your clothes, and for your dog’s stinky breath and for dog poop in your yard. Someday I might even forgive you for letting your dog sleep in your bed….BLECH!

I get it now. And just so you know, I have a toddler and he is only slightly harder to take care of than an adult dog. It’s all coming into focus now, the way I want to smell Kai’s stinky breath every morning and the way I cheer for her perfectly positioned poop in the side yard.

Today I took her to the groomer’s, and newbie that I am, didn’t realize that you actually have to drop the dog off and LEAVE and come back later. I was nearly in tears and had to tell her about six times that I was going to come back, that I wasn’t going to leave her there. I felt insanely guilty.

I also took her for a walk this morning and she pooped in someone’s yard and I felt really irresponsible and ashamed about not having realized that I should have brought some plastic bags. I looked around sheepishly and kept on walking. I hope no one saw. Lesson learned.

I’ve also learned something about myself. I always thought that I didn’t like dogs. But the truth is, I just don’t like OTHER people’s dogs. Now puppies, I like. Most puppies. Just like babies. I like most babies. But I don’t like other people’s kids, and I don’t like their dogs either.

My dog though…now that’s a different story. Don’t mess with my doggy. I loves her.

Welcome the new member of our family

kai.jpgName: Kai
Sex: Female
Breed: Belgian Shepherd Tervuran mix (We think part Rottweiler but the shelter didn’t agree.)
Age: 2 1/2 years old

Kai was surrendered to the Humane Society by her owners, who stated that they did not have the time to give her the attention she needed, especially for long walks. Consquently, their initial paperwork indicated that she exhibited destructive chewing, fighting with other animals, would not come when called, and wouldn’t walk on a leash. However, so far today she has come when called, she knows “sit” and “stay” and is housebroken. She walks great on a leash and is super super friendly. She loves little kids. In fact, she loves everyone. She *is* a little testy with other animals. Everyone at the shelter was so ecstatic that Kai was finally being adopted. She was the shelter favorite and no one could figure out why she had been there for so long. After we had taken her with us, a man approached us to ask about her. He was amazed to find out that we had just adopted her. He used to run a shelter with 40-50 dogs and told us that it was quite apparent that our family had found the perfect dog to rescue. He said it looked like she had been with us forever.

Here’s a picture of her, taken by the shelter. She looks really sad in this picture and you can’t see her curly tail. I’ll have to take some other pictures soon to show her off. But for now, I need to give her a bath.