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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today on my morning walk I decided to take some pictures of the neighborhood. Our “subdivision” is out in the middle of nowhere. You are literally driving for miles and miles off of the main highway, twisting and turning and curving around through nothing but woods and the occasional farm. My mom says you have to go “over the river and through the woods” to get to my house, which is pretty much truth. Anyway, all of a sudden you take a corner and WHAM, a housing development. I’m not really sure how all of these houses came to be, because they aren’t similar in any way, so they couldn’t have been built by the same builder. The diversity here is amazing. People from all income brackets must live here, by the looks of the houses. There are perfectly manicured lawns and there are some white trash yards with overgrown grass, tires, random trash and 6 broken down vehicles parked out front. There are huge, beautiful houses and rickety metal trailers. There are old folks, young families, hippies, dog owners, mercedes owners, volkswagon drivers, hippies, hippies and more hippies. Here is a sampling of some houses around the neighborhood:

I wish I could tell you what this door in someone’s yard is about. They have another behind it too and I’ve noticed that someone else in town has a door standing out in their field as well.

This little house is my favorite. See the star shaped window/vent at the top of the house near the roof? So cute. This guy has a sign in his yard that says “”. Pretty cool.

This house freaks me out, but they have a cool VW bus, so they can’t be all that bad.

And here’s a pretty good example of the diversity. One of those metal trailer/RV’s from the 1950’s (?) under a carport (?).

I really wish I could have taken more pictures of the White Trash houses, but I was afraid that someone would see me taking a picture of their house and come outside and demand to know why I was photographing their place. I couldn’t use the same excuse I was planning on using with the other houses, which was “I just thought your house was really cool looking!” Because obviously, their junkyard of a property is not cool. Ah well. To each their own. I can’t really judge. My house is not much better.