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The waterfall

Yesterday, I had someone tell me that I am basically too selfish and insensitive to be a true and loyal friend. I do not posess the ability to deeply care for another.

Comments like that are always strange. They cause this waterfall of responses. My first reaction is plain old, blood pumping anger. “What an asshole thing to say!” I think. Grumble grumble grumble, rawr rawr rawr. And then as the clock ticks on, all that anger and annoyance leaks out, like the air you slowly squeak out of a red balloon. It dissapates.

The inhalation comes and I’m on to the next level. I must vehemently deny the accusation and come up with examples that will prove him wrong. Once I have exhausted myself of this, my next response is to wallow for awhile in my shitty little feelings. That doesn’t last long, because in my mind, the accusation is false. It holds no long term meaning to me. It is a blip on the radar. A pause.

The waterfall continues to cascade down, down, down. And this is when I sit with it. When all of the emotion has been filtered out, it doesn’t threaten me. I can analyze it. I can come to conclusions. In many cases, I find that someone’s observations or personal attacks have merit. I have revelations. I uncover the dirty, shameful parts of myself. There is catharsis. I cry it out. I forgive myself. I make amends. But this time, there is none of that. I come to find that everyone holds their own truth based on their perceptions and experiences. He has his truth. I have mine. My friends and family have their own. And it’s all okay.

But just as a precautionary measure, I start calling my friends and I say “I love you” on their voicemails, I write them an email, I squeeze my eyes shut hard and focus all of my energy and I send them every ounce of hope and goodness that I have within me. And I learn that everything, even an attack on my character, is a lesson.

And girls, if you didn’t get your messages…I love you. Big time, hardcore, major league love. If it were in my power, I would do it for you. O, if I could fly to D.C. this moment and sit with you while you birth that beautiful baby boy, I would. I would do it in an instant. Areto, I would drop everything now and drive to you. I would stay a week and we’d laugh and laugh and I’d let you forget about a broken heart for as long as I possibly could. Liz, I would take away the stress, the worry, I would give you the things that you deserve for the amazing dedication and devotion you have shown as a new mother. Jewel, Sarah, Ape, Bein, Tam, Kellie, Kari, Shan…every one of you. I’m here. I’m just a phone call or an email away.


The United States disappoints, yet again

This is pretty much disgusting.

Blogging for Choice

Yeah, yeah, so I’m a day late, but this is too good to pass by.

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

Why I’m pro-choice:

-Because if it can’t survive outside of my body, then it still falls under the realm of MY body. Yes, let’s say it again. MY body. Not yours, not your religion’s. MINE.
-Because if you take away my right to choose, all my other rights follow suit.
-Because everyone makes mistakes. Often terrible, life-changing, stupid mistakes. You do and I do. We all do.
-Because you don’t even want to know the catostrophic chain of events that will occur if abortion is made illegal. You don’t even want to see a glimpse of what the world will become. Because unfortunately, everyone won’t all go abstinent. Many women will still refuse birth control. Maybe because it screws up their hormones. Maybe because they’re alcoholics or drug addicts or homeless and can’t afford it or can’t remember or just aren’t responsible enough. Or maybe because, like me, they can take all the birth control and precautions ever invented and still end up with an unwanted pregnancy. You don’t even want to know how many women will die horrific and gruesome deaths, how many babies will be found in trash cans, in toilets. How many children will be brought into this world addicted to drugs, damaged beyond repair.
-Because I will never regret my abortions, will always know that I made the right decision–because I was ALLOWED to make that decision. Because I was allowed the power, the responsibility to have control over myself and my body. And because I will never forget the non-judgmental, empathetic support I received from Planned Parenthood. I hope you never find yourself between a rock and a hard place like I did. But if you do, be thankful that an underground procedure with a rusted coat hanger is not in your future.

“…She heads for the clinic
and she gets some static walking through the door.
They call her a killer
and they call her a sinner
and they call her a whore.

God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes–
Then you really might know what its like
to have to choose.” -Everlast, What it’s Like


PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO HERE . Make sure to turn your speakers on!

In the United States, 30% of babies are born by cesarean. In 1970, the cesarean rate was a stable 5%. The World Health Organization advises that a cesarean rate higher than 10-15% is dangerous to women and babies. This means that OVER HALF of all cesareans performed in this country are UNECESSARY. To add insult to injury, hospitals around the country are banning a woman’s right to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) even though it has been proven to be SAFER than repeat c-section.

Additionally, 50% of women suffer complications from their cesarean and are 2-4 times likely to die than a woman giving birth vaginally.

Nearly half a million women every year are undergoing surgery to birth their babies. These surgeries aren’t saving lives. They are robbing women of the birth experiences they deserve, and making their obstetricians wealthy.

For more information, and to help support c-section awareneness and VBAC activism, please visit

Do Girls Fart?

The other day, B was playing with Animal. He lifted him up in the air, twirled him around, tickled him, etc. Just the way you play with a baby. Well, at one point, Animal’s butt was right in B’s face when Animal let loose a big ole baby fart. I started giggling. When I had recovered, I asked B, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just let loose every time we felt some gas coming on? No matter what we were doing, or where we were, or how inappropriate it might be???”

B gave me this weird look and said “Uh, I DO let loose like that.” LOL!

I was retelling the story to my mom later, and we were laughing about how true that is. Men will seriously fart anywhere at anytime.

But women…oh we are complete opposites. We will squeeze our buttcheeks as hard as we can, and tighten up our buttholes until the urge passes. If we’re walking, we’ll find an excuse, or a nonchalant way to stop, look natural, tighten, and wait. As a result, women everywhere are suffering from painful gas, bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and the list goes on and on.

Now I know you men are thinking “Do you *ever* let it out?” Well, of course we do. The appropriate time is when we’re on the toilet. So when we sit down to pee, we let out the air first, and then start the tinkle.

It’s the funniest thing in the world to be in a busy women’s restroom and hear every single woman open a stall door, unzip, sit down on the pot, fart, and then pee. Every time man, every time! LOL! And actually, a lot of us are self-conscious about anyone in the public restroom hearing our pre-pee farting. So we have learned to cough or simultaneously flush the toilet while we’re doing the deed. Come on ladies, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!